Whats an electric shop heater?

Electric Shop heaters let you keep working all year round in comfort.

Plug-in Heats up to 500 Sq. ft.with a 240v power cord (4,000 to 5,600 w)

Small Heats up to 300 Sq. ft.(No cord) (3,000 w)

Medium Heats up to 500 Sq. ft.(4,000 to 5,600 w)

Large Heats up to 1000 Sq. ft. (7,500 to 10,000 w)


What is an electric shop heater: They are larger and more powerful than a standard plug in space heater. An electric heater is designed to heat a large space quickly. Many workshops are in the garage you have large overhead doors, you have two problems to deal with. The door opening and all the heat is lost in a few moments, and the other is the large door are so poorly insulated. The average garage has two to three outside walls and higher than average ceiling heights, and these walls may or may not be well insulated.

Our electric shop heaters are large residential / commercial grade unit heaters. A unit heater is an oversize heating element with a power fan that only runs on 240 volts. We didn’t select any 120 volt models because as a rule 1,500 watts isn’t enough heat for most garages.


What you need to start:·

Enough power on your circuit breaker to handle the larger amperage’s that this type is heater requires.

  • A requires a dedicated wire from the circuit breaker to this shop heater, by code it shouldn’t share power with another device.
  • Do you want a unit mounted thermostat or wall mounted thermostat, wall thermostat take more time to wire but in the long run they are easy to access.

·       Mounting options: Wall Ceiling or floor / table top