Whats a Desk Heater?

What is an electric desk heater Are you tired of freezing at your workplace while everyone else seems to be content at the set temperature? Maybe an office desk heater for your personal space is what you need. Maybe just your hands tend to get cold? This personal office desk heater is adjustable so it can be aimed down towards your hands while typing or writing. These desk heaters come in three great colors to choose from.


Application: Office desk heaters come in several different types, the first is underdeck panel heater, it makes zero noise and radiant heat to your lower body feet and legs mostly. Because it radiant it does not make any noise so you and your co-works can work without disruption. Also it will not raise the temp of the room like a convection space heater will do. The next type is portable space heater that will heat the room, the come with a fan and can place on floor or your desk. The last is heated mats which keep your feet work while you sit at your desk


How it works: Radiant Plug-In Under Desk Heater an ideal, commercial office space, safe way to provide warmth for cold secretaries, bank tellers, receptionists, cashiers, accountants, architects, engineers – in fact, anyone who sits at a desk, counter or table whether at work or at home! The 200 Series gives you personalized warmth just where it’s needed – when it’s needed. This amazing heater costs just one or two cents per hour to operate…based on your local electricity rate


The office desk heater is controlled with its own On/Off switch with indicator light or optional portable thermostat, WorkWarmer™ gently warms the desk area to the temperature that’s most comfortable to the user. These desk heaters are also a great solution for homes!