What is a Kitchen Heater?

Is your kitchen cold or your remodeling your kitchen and this time you said we are going heat it and we going to do it right, heating your kitchen can be very tough room to heat, the reason is because there is not a lot of space left for heating equipment, with appliance, maybe a net center island and kitchen cabinets a breakfast nook. How does one heater their kitchen ? most common is either a hydronic or electric kickspace heater.

A Hydronic Kick space is great because it gives you more heat than an electric space heater. It taps into your existing boiler systems hot water system when the boiler turns on the kick space produces heat. The next kitchen heater and the most common type of heater in a toe kick or kickspace heater, its powered by electricity and will heat a space between 100 and 200 sq ft. What is great about an electric kick space heater is its zone controlled meaning it can be turned on an off with out having to worry about heating any other rooms in the house at the same time, which is something you can’t do with central air or boiler systems.

The next option if you have the space is a wall heater. There are two types of electric wall heater convection no noise wall heaters and fan forced wall heaters. If have any wall space left in your kitchen this is an excellent options because it will heat your kitchen faster than toe kick space heater. The next type of kitchen heater is a hydronic wall heater, again you use hot water piping that comes from your boiler system, and it has its advantages and disadvantages vs an electric wall heater. Where its better it will produce more heat and is able to heat a larger room. The down side is only works when your boiler is running so if you want your kitchen to be 72 degrees your whole house has to be 72 degrees