What is a Heat Lamp?

What is a Heat Lamp?

A heat lamp is an incandescent light bulb that is used for the main purpose of creating infrared heat. Heat lamps are commonly used after a shower or bath. It’s designed to heat the person and not the room like a ceiling heater which heats the air. It’s a great secondary heater for short periods of time.


Used as a bathroom heater:

This is an example of a bathroom heat lamp. This model has two 270 watt bulb heaters, with a center room light an 80 cfm exhaust fan. Its UL rated so it’s safe for the bathroom – just not above the shower!  Putting electric devices over water like tubs and showers is against electrical code.


Like all bathroom exhaust fans it comes with a sound rating of 1.0 sones, and only uses 610 watts on like a ceiling heater which can us a much as 2,000 watts.

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Infrared lamps are electrical devices which emit infrared radiation. Infrared lamps have many uses, but are most commonly used in communication and heating. Less common uses include illumination for use with night vision devices.


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Infrared heating uses infrared lamps, commonly called heat lamps to transmit infrared radiation to the body that is being heated. When large bodies or bodies with a large surface area need to be heated, infrared lamps are often used in banks. Infrared heat lamps are commonly incandescent bulbs which are able to produce infrared radiation. Infrared lamps have many industrial applications including curing coatings and preparing plastic for forming, commercial applications such as cooking and browning food, and personal applications such as providing heat (especially in bathrooms and for pets).