What is a Cove Heater?

What is a cove heater? It can fulfill the requirements of virtually any type home heating situation. Single room control, ease of installation and out of the way mounting make it equally desirable for total or supplemental comfort heating. Typical uses are day care centers, apartments, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and foyers.

In addition to radiant heat, cove heaters use part of its energy to heat air passing behind and over the heater by convection flow. Thus helping to “blend” the air in the room and accomplishing balanced heating throughout.

The finite control available with electric heat permits individual room or zone control for greater economy, why heat the entire house when you are using only one or two rooms? This applies equally well for whole house heating or auxiliary heating.

The front panel is radiating a majority of its heat energy from the front surface. The remaining energy is passed over by a convection flow behind and over the top of the heater which mixes warm air into the room.

A cove heater can mount on any flat wall, near the ceiling where its heating can be fully developed. Radiant heat energy is directed downward, heating people and objects nearby the floor, as well as the floor itself. Room air gains heat from these objects and rises toward the ceiling. The back side of the cove heater acts as a convector heater, pulling the cooler air from the floor area, behind and over the heater. Thus helping to circulate and mix the air in the room until it reaches an equilibrium temperature. The out-of-the-way mounting also permits complete freedom of furniture placement in a room, because the cove heaters will not be subjected to blockage, which reduces the efficiency of floor or low-wall mounted heaters