What is a bathroom heater?

What is a bathroom heater?

Bathroom Heater – come in many styles and mounting configurations like, wall, ceiling, baseboard, infrared bulb heaters. The all work for different reasons. Fan forced wall & ceiling heaters heat very quickly. Baseboard heaters are silent, slow and steady room heaters. Bulb heaters put out an infrared heat that heats people and objects below the bulbs, not the air. Bulb heaters are only good as a secondary heater.

Some Examples of a bathroom electric heater.


Wall Bathroom Heater – A wall heater for smaller rooms with the ability to heat the room quickly with a low fan noise. Convection heaters without fans can be slow when using a timer or programmable thermostat.

Ceiling Bathroom Heater – What we call an bathroom ceiling heater is a fan forced heater mounted in or on the ceiling. Most bathroom ceiling heaters used in homes or office use a wall mounted thermostat for two reasons – ease of accessibility (no step ladders) to change the room temperature and wall thermostat are mounted lower on the wall get a more accurate room temperature reading.

Bathroom Heat Lamps – A bathroom heat lamp is an incandescent light bulb that is used for the main purpose of creating infrared heat. Heat lamps are commonly used in shower and bathrooms to warm bathers, not the room. It’s a great secondary heater for short periods of time.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with a Heater – This is an standard exhaust fan with an electric heater built in to the box. One switch will start the exhaust fan and other switch for the fan forced heater, than an optional room light. This is an all in one fan and room heater.