Garage Heaters

Garage Heater Electric Garage Heaters – We selected heavy duty fan forced garage heaters that run on 240 volts. Most electric garage heaters start at 3-4 kilowatts for a single bay. We also have portable and electric unit heaters or you can use infrared spot heaters.  But we feel fan forced heaters heat faster after the overhead door is opened and closed.


FAQ – Electric Garage Heaters

What will happen if the heater is too small or large for my garage?

If your wattage is too small the heater will keeping running without fully heating the space.

If your wattage is too large the heater will shut off sooner.


Can I use a standard 120 volt space heater for my garage?

Yes and No –

  1. Yes – a 120v space heater puts out 1,500 watts – if you have enough heaters to cover your heat requirements it will work. If you need 4,000 watts you will need to run three space heaters at the same time.
  1. No – Most garages connect all its outlets to a single circuit breaker or fuse box. Unless you have three outlets on three different circuit breakers it’s not going to work. Try heating the room with one 240 volt power line; the heaters cost more but it’s designed to handle the higher work loads.


Plug-in electric heaters vs. electric unit heaters?

Plug-in heaters – A 240 volt portable electric heater with a cord & three prong plug.

  1. Pros – Portable, built-in thermostat, mounts on the floor, wall or ceiling,
  1. Cons – Max’s Out at 5,600 watts, No wall thermostat is available, No discharge louvers to control air flow,


Unit heaters – A 240 volt electric unit heater has a direct wire connection.

  1. Pros – built-in thermostat, some with wall thermostat, mounts on the wall or ceiling, discharge air louver to control air flow, available up to 7,500 watts, higher mounting heights,
  1. Cons – Not Portable, can’t mount on the floor, cost more, can’t be mounted below 6 – 7 feet on most units

Which portable heater is best for sheet rock dust or saw dust?

The Stelpro ASCH4800T has a special blower motor; the motor is totally enclosed so no dust or powder can clog up the motor winding. If the windings clog up the motor will fail to run.

What makes it a unit heater?

It’s mostly in the mounting wall & ceiling bracket, discharge louvers in front of the fan, direct wire connection to the wall (NO PLUG), and that higher wattage outputs are available.

Where do I install or mount my electric garage heater?

On an outside or cold wall closer to the overhead doors the better. The theory is to heat the cold part of the room and the rest will take care of it self (within reason). A standard garage looks like a square room, if your room looks like a hall way long and narrow you will need a secondary heater for the far side of the room.