Ceiling Heater 101

Electric Ceiling Heater – What we call an electric ceiling heater is a fan forced heater mounted in or on the ceiling. Most ceiling heaters used in homes or offices use a wall mounted thermostat for two reasons – ease of accessibility (no step ladders) to change the room temperature and wall thermostats that are mounted lower on the wall get a more accurate room temperature reading.

An example of our best electric ceiling heater, the Stelpro SK is a great looking electric ceiling heater. Its rounded corners and louvered grille make it a very popular choice.

SK1501W = this is a 120 volt with 1500 watt heater, with a white or almond finish.

SK2002W = this is a 240 volt with 2000 watt heater, with a white or almond finish.

Like all of our 1500 watt heaters it is designed for a 150 square foot insulated room. The 2000 watt model will heat a standard 200 square foot room. Seeing that it is a ceiling mounted heater and heat rises it shouldn’t be mounted any higher than a flat 9 foot ceiling. All ceiling heaters are fan forced, but with a limited throwing capacity, that why most ceiling heaters max out with 9 foot ceiling heights.