About Us

3GB Sales LLC

Our Story

We pledge our commitment to you by maintaining extensive product knowledge for all of the items that we offer. Our goal is to provide you continued expert sales support and superior customer service as we have with our many satisfied customers throughout the years.

We are authorized dealers for the merchandise that we sell and only promote products that we fully support. Many of our items have been pretested in our own homes for efficiency, durability and quality. If the product does not meet our high standards or we receive unacceptable factory customer service we will no longer offer that item through our company. It is important to us that you are satisfied with the product that you purchase and that it meets all of your expectations. If it does not, we will work with you to rectify the problem.

On behalf of all of us, we thank you for purchasing products through our company and hope to serve you in the future as well. We encourage you to e-mail us with any questions that you may have.